XICW158 Match Results: Full Recap of All Matches

There are individual recaps that will be linked to with each match below.

For photos and details from each event, click those individual links and go see their dedicated write ups and photo galleries…

Non-match: Johnny Delicious gets a geography lesson.
Loser: Johnny’s clockweights
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Non-match: Truth Martini, Petey Williams and Rhino set the stage for a six-way Heavyweight Championship later.
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Mike Marvel vs Dickie Bronson in the pre-show
Winner: Dickie Bronson.
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Chaz Montana vs Movado with Mike McMahon, Biz Markie Pounder Patterson and KC.
Winner: Movado.
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Mark Gjoka vs Mr Italy in the “pelvic thrust” match
Winner: Mark Gjoka.
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Drunk the Clown vs Benjamin Boone …and a sobriety test.
Winner: Benjamin Boone.
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Bryan Castle and Andrew Lee vs Creep and Scotty Fraytown in a tag team match.
Winner: Castle and Lee.
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“Sweet” Willie Watts vs Levi Blue …with a surprise guest.
Winner: “Sweet” Willie Watts.
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Zach Gowen vs Austin Manix vs Andy Muscat in a threeway match for the Lightweight Championship.
Winner: Zach Gowen.
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The D.B.A. vs Eddie Venom in a great match.
Winner: The D.B.A.
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Rhino, TD Thomas and Mad Dragon versus Truth Martini, Vinnie Scarboni and Petey Williams with the XICW Midwest Heavyweight Championship on the line.
Winner: Rhino, TD Thomas and Mad Dragon.
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