Heel Fan News Interviews The DBA

Heel Fan News Interview

Talking Title Defense and Cobo

 Heel Fan News caught up with The DBA and asked him a few qustion. Heres what he had to say...

HFN: DBA, Heel Fan News here can we have a moment of ur time?

DBA: Yes sir. I'm busy preparing for my tag title match coming up this weekend but I can take a break to talk. What up doe?

HFN: Speaking of that you and your son take on a team that wants to end XICW and stop the Road to Cobo. What are thoughts on them?

DBA: They ain't stopping shit. XICW has been on the road to Cobo for almost a year now and we ain't letting 2 or 3 monkeys stop the show. Hakim Zane and Jake Something are great Single competitors BUT The Monroe's have been tagging for years. Plus we Father and Son and they are Dumb and Dumber. Enough said.

HFN: I agree they are two really good singles competitors and The Monroe's are a dynasty but there's only two of you and there's 3 of them. How will u be able to fight off 3 people?

DBA: Don't you know who we are? FUN LOVIN CRIMINALZ is all I'm gonna say.

HFN: No I haven't. And let's talk about big things poppin for XICW. You guys have 4 shows in July plus the Huge Cobo show in in October. How do you as a wrestler/ promoter stay ready and so full of energy?

DBA: The love for this business that I call professional wrestling is what gives me energy. You have to have passion and dedication for this job. It's not for everybody.

HFN: Fair enough just one more question. For those who want to be apart of Cobo how do the fans do that?

DBA: Go to www.xicwcobo.com for all your information. There will be a Cobo Legends Convention from noon to 6pm featuring two of the greatest managers of all time, Bobby "the brain" Heenan and Jim Corvette. Tickets for the convention are $20.
Later that night at 7pm the big show starts featuring all the stars of XICW and featuring stars like Jake Swagger, Abyss, PJ Black, Insane Clown Posse and a host of other people. Tickets start at $20 and it is still some VIP packages available. For more info go to xicwcobo.com

HFN: Thank you for your time DBA.

As you can see he's got a plate full and he seems ready to eat. See you at the next one.