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XICW March 11th

xicw 233

March Madness and Mayhem WE HAVE A NEW HOME! A few years ago we took XICW into unknown grounds. We ventured to a new home. A home of uncertainty and hope. We were uncertain of the longevity and hoped you the fans would follow. AND YOU DID! Like many homes in our lives we outgrow them or we need change. 2017 ended an era for XICW. 2018 brings us the dawn of a new life. XICW is and will always beRead More …


winter slam

Sun Feb 18th 2pm belltime Midwest Heavyweight ChampionshipGAVIN QUINN(C) vs DRE JACOBS with Johnny Delicious Tag Team ChampionshipTHE MONROES(C) vs JACK PRICE and ALEX WEIR Lightweight ChampionshipTRAVIS TITAN(C) vs CYRUS SATIŃ PG ChampionshipJAIMY COXXX(C) vs WINNER of Acumen Everett Mane and Beardslee JACKSON STONE vs ISAIAH BRONER MOVADO and RIDICULOSO vs JAY MAYNARD and AARON ORION BIG CHUCK WAGON vs GEORGE “WHO’S DA ” MAC MATT HAGEN vs CALEB STILLS #1 Contender Match where the winner gets a pg championship matchRead More …


jaimy coxxx

Sunday, January 7th in Warren, MI  It was revealed at the top of the show that Johnny Devine — who many fans felt was unfairly inserted into the main event Proving Ground title picture — was unceremoniously held back at the US-Canadian border. Therefore, the main event triple threat between himself, fellow challenger Malcolm Monroe III, and Proving Ground Champion Jaimy Coxxx would now be the one-on-one championship rematch between Coxxx and former champion MM3.   Before that, however, MM3Read More …